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The BonusBlock Economy

The native token of BonusBlock, designated as $BONUS, acts as a utility and governance token for the Marketplace and the BonusBlock ecosystem:

Utility: accessing the Marketplace with users being exposed to projects, earning fees and yield on activities that projects have paid for, early access to blue-chip projects, profile listing and as a fee module. Governance: regulating decisions on the fee distribution module, participation in the marketplace economy

Participation in the Marketplace economy

Holders of $BONUS tokens have the privilege of gaining visibility from projects. The higher the wallet quality, the higher the “$” is presented to projects. To participate in the fee distribution when a project acquires a user, there are requirements to lock in $BONUS at least minimum of $75.

Regulating fee distribution to quality users from projects paid fee

The Fee Multiplier is determined by the amount of $BONUS tokens a user has locked in. A linear relationship is taking in place between multiplier and the locked amount)

BONUSlocked = 100,000, M = 0.5

0.5 = m × 100,000 + c…(i)

BONUSlocked = 500, M = 0.05

0.05 = m × 500 + c…(ii)

Reward = R × Rcirculation × M

UserLocked $BONUSLocked Ratio against circulating supply*Reward Ratio increase
User 1100 000
(equivalent to $5000)
0.0083%x 0.50
User 240 0000.0033%x 0.43
User 325 0000.0021%x 0.41
User 412 0000.0001%x 0.39
User 59 0000.00075%x 0.37
User 66 000x…x 0.35
User 74 000x 0.33
User 82 000x 0.31

* (assuming 12% is circulated, 12,000,000)

NOTE: the formula, token amounts are only for representative purposes and can be changed at any given time without a notice.

Boosted Community XP Rewards for Locked $BONUS

The amount of Community XP tokens earned per mission can vary among users based on the quantity of $BONUS tokens they have locked. The locked $BONUS amount is directly proportional to the user's ratio against the circulating supply. See examples:

UserLocked $BONUSLocked Ratio against circulating supply*Ratio increase
User 1100 000
(equivalent to $5000)
0.0083%x 0.11
User 240 0000.0033%x 0.07
User 325 0000.0021%x 0.04
User 412 0000.0001%x 0.027
User 59 0000.00075%x 0.014
User 66 000x…x 0.011
User 74 000x 0.007
User 82 000x 0.003

* (assuming 12% is circulated, 12,000,000)

NOTE: price is only as a representation of providing examples of the formula use.

User 1, who locks in 100,000 $BONUS tokens (equivalent to $5,000), secures a 0.0083% ratio against the circulating supply, resulting in a ratio increase factor of x 0.11 for Community XP tokens earned. Conversely, users locking in smaller amounts, such as User 8 with 2,000 $BONUS tokens, sees a lower ratio increase factor of x 0.003.

This sliding scale incentivizes users to lock in higher amounts of $BONUS tokens to gain a more substantial increase in Community XP tokens per mission, enhancing their rewards and engagement within the ecosystem.

Fixed fees for Locking / Unlocking / Bonding / Withdrawal

Fee typeAmount, $BONUS
Locking5 (equivalent to $1)
Unlocking5 (equivalent to $1)
Bonding10 (equivalent to $2)
Withdrawal10 (equivalent to $2)

$BONUS Token Buy-Back and Redistribution Strategy

BBlock Labs commits to create BONUS reserves of 25% of its B2B client revenue and further locking it into "Community Access Pool." This strategy not only supports the token's strategic purpose of a utility but also ensures ongoing engagement, attraction and rewards for the community.